Hess' Pet Nursing Station -
     The pet nursing station has been created to provide essential care for puppies/kittens. There are three main reasons for inventing the pet nursing station. The first reason would be to provide for puppies/kittens that don’t receive enough nourishment from the puppies/kittens mother. reason would be to feed orphaned puppies/kittens, thus meaning puppies/kittens that don’t have mothers the babies wouldn’t be able to suckle from the mom for milk. The third focus would be caused by mothers rejecting their babies or simply not providing enough milk for their babies. Newborns up to three weeks of age need to be fed every two to three hours. May any situation above occur an individual would use the pet nursing station to help the babies onto long life to come. By using an individual would be saving time. By saving time you may have a large litter that right away, therefore with the three-holed bottle feeding stations you can apply more than one puppy/kitten at a time, so they will receive the nourishment much sooner. The individual wouldn’t have to do each puppy/kitten one at a time by hand. With this also being said the individual caring for the babies will also save more time by cutting the process in half. With this station being free handed it allows more bottles to be held, versus an individual having one hand to hold a puppy/kitten and another holding the nursing bottle. By holding the bottle with one hand and one hand on the puppy/kitten, this doesn’t allow for enough proper holding stance for the puppy/kitten.
     The pet nursing station is designed to work easily and efficiently. The station is designed to properly and securely hold puppy/kitten (baby) bottles to provide appropriate nourishment for puppies/kittens. Bottles are placed into cradles and locked into place by a sliding mechanism that is attached to the back of the cradle, this would force the bottle forward on the front of the nursing station, so that the puppies/kittens wouldn’t force the bottle out of the cradle, by applying force onto the nipple. The puppies/kittens will lie stomach down while looking slightly upward while sucking on the nipple. This allows easy flow into the babies mouth and directly into the stomach. This also restricts the babies from choking on the liquid in the bottle. The pet nursing station is suited for all breeds and most species so it is designed for large breed newborns and small breed newborns up to three to four weeks of age or until weaned. Depending on the puppies/kittens age and size they will be elevated by the appropriately sized cushion pad to reach the nipple for easy access of suckling the nipple. The pet nursing station will serve as a temporary or permanent mother.
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